M.B. Plant

M.B. Plant
M.B. Plant
Price And Quantity
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  • 45000INR
Product Specifications
  • Full Automatic
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    Product Description

    We at Shubham, provides broad rangeof custom-built Mixed Bed Units for high purity industrial process water & utilityapplications.Our exclusive design of Mixed Bed plant ensures the maximumutilization of the High bed depth, effective surface area, uniform space andlinear velocity across the resin bed,which provides effective contact timebetween water and resin bed yield high purity water for sensitive processapplication i.e. WFI (water for Injection) High Pressure Boilers, EC circuitsetc.

    Shubham MB Plants are available indiameters from 0.225 Mts. to 2.0 Mts. with the flow ratesup to 150M3/Hr. andOBR up to 1500 M3@40 PPM TDS. These strong, pre-engineered, pre-assembled unitsminimizeinstallation and start-up costs. Our D.M. Plant is acclaimed in themarket for cost efficiency and consistent functioning.

    Operating Principle

    A mixed bed exchange has both cationand anion resin mixed together in a single vessel. As water flows through theresin bed, the ion exchange process is repeated many times, “polishing” thewater to a very high purity. During regeneration, the resin is separated intodistinct cation and anion fractions. The resin is separated by back washing,with the lighter anion resin settling on top of the cation resin. Regenerateacid is introduced through the bottom distributor, and caustic is introducedthrough distributors above the resin bed. The regenerate streams meet at theboundary between the cation and anion resin and discharge through a collectorlocated at the resin interface. Following regenerate introduction anddisplacement rinse, air and water are used to mix the resins. Then the resinsare rinsed, and the unit is ready for service.

    Counter flow and mixed bed systemsproduce a purer water than conventional cation-anion demineralizers, butrequire more sophisticated equipment and have a higher initial cost. The morecomplicated regeneration sequences require closer operator attention thanstandard systems. This is especially true for a mixed bed unit.



    ·        TechnicalSpecification 



    0.5M3/Hr. – 150 M3/Hr.



    1500 m3

    Inlet conductivity


    Up to 70micro siemens / cm

    Outlet conductivity


    <1 micro siemens / cm

    Silica at outlet


    Max 0.05 ppm as CaC03

    Total Hardness



    Liner Velocity


    4 to 80 M/Hr.

    Space Velocity


    4 to 60 M/Hr.

    Type of Resin


    Strong Acid Cation (H+ – Mono Type) : Strong Base Anion (OH+ – Mono Type)

    Type of Regenerate


    HCL / H2So4 for SAC &NaOH for SBA.

    Diameter (Vertical Vessel)


    0.225 Mts. – 2.0 Mts.

    Height of Shell


    2.4 Mts.



    FRP / Mid Steel / Stainless Steel Coating / lining : Epoxy / FRP / Rubber Lined

    Design Code


    ASME / IS

    Design Pressure


    Up to 10 Bar

    Working Pressure


    1.1 to 3.5 Bar

    Clear Pressure Drop


    0.3 bar

    Top distribution system


    Strainer Plate

    Bottom distribution system


    Strainer plate

    MOC of Brine Measuring Tank



    Brine Mixing Element




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