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Mineral Water Plant

Mineral Water Plant
Mineral Water Plant
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Deep wellwater, bore hole water, open well water, river water, lake water, or sea watersource, most water sources are not advisable for drinking purposes due tohigher contamination present is not hygienic and safe for drinking..


The water used for potable purposes should be free from undesirableimpurities. 


The mineral water is the purified water fortified with requisiteamounts of minerals such as Barium, Iron, Manganese, etc. which can be absorbedby human body.


About Mineral water

Healthyliving means having a healthy diet, which includes healthy water. Mineral watercontainsall the crucial minerals like barium, calcium, iron, magnesium, sulfurcompounds, and others.

It does not contain any added preservatives or chemicals; hencethere is surety of no-compromise with health. Some other health benefits of themineral water include:

Helps in losing weight, as it has zero calories

Helps in maintaining blood pressure, and good digestion & bonedensity

Reduces cholesterol level and has added benefits for your skin


Why to choose us?

We are one of the best manufacturers andsuppliers of mineral water plants since 1995. All the materials sourced forsetting up these plants are of high quality and requires minimum maintenance.

At every stage of water purification, we tryto ensure that the source water meets the best water treatment processes andphenomenon.

So that water can be treated in the bestpossible manner and people can get pure mineral water which they can rely uponanytime.

This is why clients completely rely on us fortheir mineral waterprojects, due to the efficient procedures we use.

We have installed the best mineral waterplants with mineral adding system. 100% assembling of the plant takes placeright at our workshop itself before it is dispatched to the client.

And the best part is that during theproduction stages of mineral water, our unique filtration techniques ensurethat all essential minerals in water are protected, therefore maintaining itsnatural benefits.

Setup ofmineral water plants is done under hygienic conditions and the mineral water isfilled in bottles that are fully washed and neatly cleaned, thereafter theseare stored in purified conditions.

Through oursolutions, we cater to the requirements of industrial as well as corporate client.


Working Principle

Raw water to be processed Is collected in tanks. A known quantityis pumped into the above tank where the water is dozed with alum forcoagulation with heavy metals or insoluble matters.

The water after coagulation is allowed to settle for half an hour.The impurities may be removed by Reverse Osmosis techniques also. Thesupernatant water is taken to the chlorination tank where primarilydisinfection is brought about by bubbling chlorine gas.

The water is then passed through sand filters for trapping of un-dissolved impurities. The water after sand filtration is passed through Carbonfilters for removal of odor, color and also for de-chlorination. Product waterhas very less TDS value which is not good in Taste.

The Water gets bitter and to enhance the taste we are providingthe Mineral Adding system or Blending system The Stirrer will mix the physicalmineral in to the Mixing tank and Dosing pump will dose the Mineral to waterbefore Ozonation with TDS Controller.

TDS adjustment can be done with Blending system by adding Filteredwater after ACF through the proper treatment. Such Blending system is very easyin Operation and it will naturally balance the TDS in to the Product water.

It is then passed through series of micron cartridge filtercomprising 5 micron followed by ultraviolet disinfection system for terminaldisinfection.

Mineral water packing is done in PET bottles of 1 liter capacitythrough an automatic rinsing, filling and capping machine fitted with an Ozonegenerator.

The bottles after capping are shrink wrapped and packed incorrugated boxes.


HighlyEfficient Energy Saving Design

InbuiltChemical Cleaning System

InbuiltAdded Minerals Technology

AutoStart / Stop as per Raw Water Tank Level

DigitalIndication of Volts and Ammeter

LowOperating and Maintenance Cost


Longerworking life

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