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Semi Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine

Semi Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine
Semi Automatic Pet Blow Moulding Machine
Product Code : 03
7,35,000/- INR
Price And Quantity
Minimum Order Quantity :
Unit of Measure :
Kilograms/Kilograms, ,
Price :
7,35,000/- INR
Product Specifications
Product Type :
Hydro - Pneumatic locking System
Material :
Capacity :
30 to 2000 Milliliter (mL)
Weight (kg) :
1500 Kilograms (kg)
Type :
Other, Beverage Bottles, Water Bottles, Juice Bottles
Computerized :
Automatic :
Blow Moulding Type :
Extrusion Blow Moulding
Cavity Quantity :
25 mm to 38 mm Neck die
Clamping Force :
8 Newton (N)
Stretching Stroke :
400 mm
Low Pressure Air Displacement :
12 kg -Janatics
High Pressure Air Displacement :
50 kg - Mercury
Power :
100-250, 65 Hz Watt/Volt ( w/v)
Infrared Heater :
Dimension(L*W*H) :
L - 7 X W - 2.6 X H - 12 Foot (ft)
Feature :
High Automatization, Full Automatic, Heat Resistant
Product Description

Blow  molding started in the glass blowing industry where a liquid glass   pulp isenclosed in a two-piece mold and then expanded by blowing  into to the pulp.

This  causes the glass retains the contour of the mold and form a hollow  area on theinside.

Withthe invention of polymeric thermoplastics, this technology started to rev up inthe plastic bottle industry.

Startingin 1977, the number of plastic containers rose from zero to 10 billion plasticbottles in 1999 due to the soft drink companies in the USA.

The  outcome isn’t exactly good for the environment, but if you use bio degradablematerials or recycle thermo plastic bottles made from PET, things look a bitbetter.

Blow Molding versusInjection Molding

So,what’s the difference between parts made by injection molding and parts made bya blow molding machine? Injection molding creates solid parts, while blowmolding creates hollow parts.

Ifyou are looking for something that needs only one rigid wall, injection moldingis the right process. Think of bottle caps, cases, combs, and housings forcomputers and televisions.

Ifyou need a flexible, structural piece that even can hold fluid, you’re best offwith blow molding. No wonder that billions of water bottles stand for the blowmolding technology.

How Plastic Bottles areMade

Producingplastic bottles does not greatly differ from the glass blowing process. Thetechnology used by the bottle forming process is called Injection Blow Molding(IBM). This requires a so-called preform which is much smaller than the actualbottle.

Thepreform can be transported easily and if variants do not differ in weight itcan be used uniformly. Like in the glass manufacturing process, the preform isheated up, put into the mold and inflated.

 Due to the preform, the material expandsequally, resulting in a better flow control, surface quality and transparency.

Afterthe blow molding process, the bottle heads have to be threaded and the excessmaterial cut off.

What are the Advantages ofBlow Molding?

Blowmolding scores especially at mass producing at a low price. Depending on thequality of the mold, it can produce more than over 1 million pieces before ithas to be replaced.

Theproduction is also very fast compared to other molding processes, ejecting afinished product every few seconds. Thin walls and water-cooled molds alsoreduce cycle time.

Inaddition, once the machine parameters are calibrated, the outputs quality isconstant. This is achieved because factoring parameters are stable andcontrollable.

Theprocess of blow molding is also perfect for automation, reducing the need forworkers working in a monotone environment.

What are the Limitations ofBlow Molding?

Purchasinga molding machine may seem like the biggest investment of a company to startproducing. However, before you start producing, you will need a mold.

Thebiggest disadvantage of blow molding lies with the problem of all moldingprocesses.

Foreach type of product you want to produce, you need a new type of mold and thiscomes with a very steep price.

Themolds have to be machine milled and produced with a very high surface quality.The molds also have cannulas running through the walls to transport coolingfluids.

Inaddition, the mold often has to be hardened to increase its lifespan. This highcost of molds often reduces a company’s incentive of producing prototypes,especially for low piece numbers.

TechnicalSpecifications of Auto PET Blow Moulding Machine:

1) Production Speed: 1000 / 2000 / 4000/ 6000 /8500 BPH
2) Neck dia : 28mm suitable for 35 Bar Air
3) Hydraulic Clamping System
4) Infrared Conveyerised Preheating System
5) Four Modules
6) Incremental Heater Settings by 1% to 99%
7) No Preform No Blow
8) Display interface via 320 x 240 graphicdisplay process on line Control. (Mould Memory, Error Memory)
9) Neck Holder: SS 304
10) Hyd. Locking Check Valve for Power Saver

EFPL manufactures excellent quality AutomaticPET Blow Moulding Machines for PET bottle production.Our Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines have widerwide-mouth capability, faster production rates, and shorter changeover times.

Also have features such as preferential heating orheat-setting capability. Our Two stage Plastic PET machines can make bottlesfrom round to flat bottle styles.

Attributes ofAutomatic PET Blow Molding Machine:

1) Production Speed: 1000 to 1200 BPH
2) Production Capacity: 50ml to 2000ml
3) Hydro - pneumatic locking system
4) Heating unit Et blowing unit
5) Heating zone adjustable as per the size ofpreforms
6) Integrated water loading system in blow m/cis also given for better result
7) Weight : 1500 K.G. (Including Heater)
8) Dimensions : L-7ft x W-2.6ft x H- 12ft


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