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Swimming Pool Filtration System

Swimming Pool Filtration System
Swimming Pool Filtration System
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Swimmingis one of the most popular sports in world which is a great way to keep fit& stay health. Swimming is a healthy activity that you can continue for alife time. It is allow impact activity that has many physical and mental healthbenefits. Today requirement for leisure, hotel, school or hydro therapy poolsare that apart from being attractive, the structure must be durable and theequipment designed to deal with the heaviest bathing loads. A high level oftechnology is necessary to accompany commercial pool installations filtration,heat recovery systems for maximum operating efficiency, water features, wavemachines, air handling systems and enhanced disinfection design.


Why Swimming pool filtration is necessary?

Water isone of the most common means by which bacteria and viruses transmission happens. This risk becomes more relevant in public places, swimming pools inparticular, due to people presence. The hygiene of pool water is the mainconcern of a pool owner and its users. Since many skin diseases can becontacted through the water it is ensured that regular filtration takes place.For this reason, in a swimming pool water has to be continuously under control,in order to guarantee respect for the standard level of the most importantparameters:


pH:Measurement of the hydro genius concentration (H+)

Chlorineconcentration: It can be carried out with color meter.

RedoPotential (alternative to chlorine concentration): It involves the measurementof oxidation reduction potential.

Theswimming pool dosing system is connected to the re circulation pump. Thehydraulic circulation should be continuous, starting from a minimum of 3 cyclesper day.

To keeppools water healthy fresh and sparkling basic accessories are required:

A Poolpump

A saltwater Chlorinator

A Filter





Swimmingpool system

Our teamis capable of constructing the swimming pool as per your choice with their vastexpertise and rich technical knowledge. Right from the concept design to theinstallation, we offer all the services to our clients their convenience. Wecan provide on-site construction and installation services for swimming pooland water parks. We offer a first class design & construction service forall type of swimming pools. In turnkey projects, we provide various serviceslike concept design, working drawings and design, excavation, construction,swimming pool water proofing, glass mosaic tilling, filtration plantinstallation and commissioning of swimming pool with maximum satisfaction ofthe money you have spent.


Swimmingpool filtration system

Pool filtrationsystem and circulation systems are decisive for the correct use of the pool. Thewater recycling system recycles water from the pool and conveys it forfiltering, disinfecting and then back to the pool. The filtration is theelimination process offloading residues.
The key components to guarantee the correctfiltration are: filter body, pumps, pipes and valves and control panel. Thetimes and speed to guarantee a good filtration are adjusted according to localregulations. There are traditional media filters (like sand) or new generationones.

A goodfiltration is necessary complement to every pool. Pool filtration is used forcapturing the coarse impurities in the water and its running helps to keep thewater clean, and also extend the life of the pool. We offer a range ofmonitoring options for our systems including remote on-site, remote off-site.Some of the swimming pool accessories& its applications:


SwimmingPool Ladders

Laddersplay an extremely crucial role in the parameters of a swimming pool in helpinga visitor ascend and descend from the water. These are available in colors tosuit the interior lining of the pool or as per the requirement resented to usby the client. We are presenting highly effective range of Stainless SteelLadders, which are manufactured as per the industry standards. The alluringfeatures of our range  of pool ladders are as follows:

Comfortable steps

Appropriate height

Nonskid grip on the steps

Available with hand rails

Manufacturedusing stainless steel or high grade plastic



Swimming PoolSkimmers and Overflow Gratings

Thetraditional Skimmer version, which presents the water level lower than thefloor level, has a ceramic finishing that enriches the visible part of the Polandhelps cleaning operations. This system is ideal for public pools with reduceddimensions. Pre-cleaning of water is ensured by hair trap, which is a part of arecirculation system. Filtrating itself is assured by pressure sand filter,which is equipped with a 6-wayvalve. With this valve the desired mode ofoperation is set: filtration, rinsing, backwash, circulation or wasting. Wateris coming from top to the bottom of the sand filter and impurities are trappedhere. After a certain time there is a filter clogging, resulting in increasedpressure in the filter. If pressure rises above the reference value, it isnecessary to clean the filter. In the washing process, water is coming frombottom to the top of sand filter and removes trapped impurities out of thesand. After rinsing, a 'back wash comes.

We offerour clients good quality components confirming international standard. Italso enhances the flow speed of swimming pool water by collectingsuspending particles of water in its specially designed strainer basket.


We provide following swimmingpool pumps:

Aboveground Pool Pump

In ground Pool Pump

Swimming Pool Pump

Pool Pump Motor

Pool Cover Pump


High level of filtration (even inpresence of protozoan) should be there.

Existence on the market offilters that manage regeneration and pre-coat independently, simplifying thefilter management.

Saving back wash water (thismeans a saving of chemical reagents and energy too)

Minimal amount of space (asmaller technical room is required).




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