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Turnkey Project Mineral Water Plant

Turnkey Project Mineral Water Plant

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Excel Filtration Pvt.Ltd. is your single source for all the high quality equipment you need to runaprofitable water bottling business. We can provide turnkey solutions,components or integrate our processes into your systems. We offer a full lineof complete bottling and packaging systems including:

  • Complete Water Treatment and Purification

The first step is water purification. Water obtained from theexternal source is allowed to pass through the purification unit and thenstored in a stainless steel tank. After purification water is taken to thebottling section. Bottling is done as a continuous operation. Purification isfollowed by bottle Rinsing, Filling and Capping. The unit automatically fills,rinses, and screws the cap on it. Finally mineral water is labeled, packed andmarketed.


Centrifugal pump in C.Iconstruction is required for feeding raw water from underground/overhead rawwater storage tank to PSF to ACF and then on toMCF withrequiredflow rate of per Hour. The pump is fitted with suction/dischargepipe work, isolation valves and pressure monitor


This is a FRP Pressurevessel with internal distribution, collection, frontal and interconnectingpipes and requisite valves of SS construction along with one lot of fine sand,silex and pebbles. The necessary instruments like inlet/outlet, pressuremonitors and Multiport Valve for Backwash, rinse and filter provided with thesystem. All the suspended solids and dust particles from the raw water isremoved here


This is a FRP PressureVessel with internal distribution, collection, frontal and interconnectingpipes and requisite valves of SS construction along with one lot of fine washhigh iodine content carbon flakes. The necessary instruments like inlet/outlet,pressure monitors and Multiport Valve for backwash, rinse and filter providedwith the system. All the physical impurities such as odour and colour of rawwater is removed here


This is a vessel containsION EXCHANGE resins. Softening is done through this ion exchange resins toremove small micro pollutants and hardness.


The Module consists ofMultiple Polypropylene Cartridges with size of 10/5 Micron that prevents micronsize particles up to 5 micron. Necessary instrument like inlet/outlet pressuremonitor and a Flow indicator is provided with requisite isolation valves.


This is electronicchemical injection system to remove all scale formation minerals from processraw water to reverse osmosis membranes and is precautionary measure to shieldthe membranes from blockage of pores.


One No. of VerticalMounted Multi stage centrifugal High Pressure Pump with SS construction. TheHigh Pressure Pump supply raw water with pressure as required to RO Membranes,where permeate is separated. The necessary instruments like High and Lowpressure switch, pressure monitor and requisite isolation valves provided.


R.O. System removes90-95% of Total Dissolved Solids by the principle of ‘Reverse Osmosis Process’.This system consist of a Stainless Steel Skid for mounting of high pressuretubes in FRP with resistance of 150 psi for pressure housing spiral wound TFCMembrane elements With necessary control valves at feed, product and rejectpipe are provided with required instruments like Low and High pressure switchesare provided for safe operation of High Pressure Pump under specified operatingconditions. Pressure monitor is provided for pressure indication and control ofcomplete R.O.System. An online flow indicator at product and brine pipe work isprovided for controlling desired flow rate and recovery. For monitoring productwater quality an online conductivity indicator is provided


This is a verticalstorage tank or HDPE/S.S required for storage of R.O.Product water