Water Filter Accessories

  1. High Pressure Pump

    High Pressure Pump is completely suitable to be used for viscous & thick fluid based applications including transfer of inks, chemicals, resins, adhesives and hydraulic oil. It is also installed in cleaning systems of different sectors including automobiles, car garages, and home appliance repair. It uses crankshaft movement to drive piston for moving water in & out of the pumping assembly. This pump is designed having a sturdy alloy with ergonomic structure to assure great resistance from over pressure situations.
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  2. TDS Meter

    TDS Meter is required to detect the amount of dissolved ionic solids in process or raw water. Abbreviated for Total Dissolved Solids, this meter is capable of measuring salts & minerals by determining the electrical conductivity of water when small amount of current is passed through it. Unit of measured components is displayed in parts per million (ppm), that means the X milligram of solid is per kilogram of water.
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  3. Dosing Pump

    Dosing Pump is required for displacement of very small amount of fluids with high precision for various applications. It is used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and brewing industries. This pump is comprised of an electric motor, foot valve, chemical storage container, control system, on/off switch, and a regulator. It works by injecting a measured amount of chemical into the pipe which is then transferred to the desired container.
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  4. Conductivity Meter

    Conductivity Meter works by reading the drop in voltage when its probe is immersed in the testing solution. Voltage is applied by the meter between two electrodes that are present in the probe causing fluctuations. It also has the ability to measure TDS, salinity, conductivity, temperature & resistivity of the sample. An auto ranging feature of this meter allows consistent readings without any requirement for recalibration after single use.
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  5. RO Membrane

    Membranes are the selective barriers, which enable some things to pass through as well as stop the others. The things these deal with may be ions, molecules or some other small particles. The products enable the passage of certain constituents and are suitable for their utilization in laboratories as well as industry.
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  6. PP Filter Housing & CTZ

    PP Filter Housing & CTZ is designed to be used in water purifiers for removing salts and various microorganisms from the water. It is capable of trapping heavy metals, dust particles, and microorganisms into the housing. This housing is highly appreciated for its excellent chemical resistance, high flow rate, low pressure drop design, and easy to install nature. It is made using premium grade Polypropylene material which is known to have good mechanical & thermal properties.
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  7. Manual & Auto MPV'S

    Manual & Auto MPV'S is a type of filter which is used in water purifiers for softening the water to make it suitable for drinking. It is made with high precision using supreme quality raw materials under the guidance of diligent professionals. This assembly can be easily installed in the equipment and is known to have long lasting life. It can be availed in different sizes & configurations specifically required according to the need of customer.
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  8. FRP Vessel

    FRP Vessel is widely used in fermentation, brewing, chemical, & pharmaceutical industries for storing raw fluids and intermediates in an efficient manner. It is made using supreme quality fiber reinforced plastic and can also be coated with a layer of a polypropylene material to provide extra strength. This vessel is highly appreciated for its non reactive nature with the stored material. It is used over metallic vessel due to its excellent tensile strength and great resistance from corrosion, UV, & properties of acid and alkalis.
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  9. FRP Pressure Tube

    FRP Pressure Tube is a non metallic fiberglass reinforced pipe that has high corrosion resistance and can withstand strongest chemical attack like sulphuric acid. As the service life of this pipe exceeds more than 30 years compared to the normal pipes, the fiber reinforced plastic pressure tube is the preferred choice for piping solution in almost every industries. This tube consists of a body, end cap, and a locking ring. It is provided with threaded ports to assure quick & easy locking for providing it leak proof nature.
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  10. SS Vessel

    SS Vessel is fabricated in different shapes, sizes, and structural thicknesses specifically required according to the need & use. Made of high grade stainless steel, it is completely suitable to be used in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and water processing industries. This vessel is also provided with optimum surface finish having excellent rust resistant properties. It is known to withstand adverse weather conditions and UV rays from sunlight.
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  11. SS Filter Housing

    SS Filter Housing is required for removing the salt, minerals and microorganisms from raw water to make it suitable for drinking purpose. Made from premium grade stainless steel alloy, it is known to have high corrosion resistivity, good surface finish and optimal durability. This housing is completely suitable to be used for hard water applications. It can also be utilized in medical sector for plasma fractions, microbial fermentation broths & harvested cell culture fluids.
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  12. Raw Water Pump

    Raw Water Pump is driven by a belt which is connected to the crankshaft of the engine. It is required for pumping water from a low level to high. This pump finds its application in houses, agricultural sector, cement plants, car garages, and automobile industry. It is comprised of an electric motor, a hub, bearing, housing, gasket, impeller, and a back plate. For effluent treatment plants, this pump is the ideal choice for moving slurry to the processing system.
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