Water Softening Plant

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  1. Water Softening Plant

    This Water Softening Plant is specifically developed to produce treated water to meet various applications. The treated water produced has low residual hardness. This softening plant comprises of a mineral tank and a brine tank. The mineral tank has negatively charged resins that attract positively charged calcium and magnesium present in hard water. Hard water is responsible for scale build up in pipes and heating & cooling systems.
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  2. Electronic Water Conditioner

    Electronic Water Conditioner is best known to reduce hard water scale buildup in treatment plants. With this conditioner, the water heaters operate more efficiently. It requires no salt or chemicals for processing. This water conditioner is highly suitable for use on all types of pipes, including copper and PVC. This equipment efficiently conditions the hard water to help dissolve existing scale. This helps in preventing the formation of new scale in equipments.
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  3. Water Softener

    This Water Softener is specifically engineered to cater to the requirements of scale prevention in utility and plumbing fixtures from total hardness. Widely used in homes, villas, institutes and industries, this softening equipment is wisely made of best quality stainless steel in conformation with the industry standards. Easy to operate and control, this softener has mild steel, stainless, or FRP pressure vessel and regeneration tank.
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